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Our dream for The Abbey is to build a unique Spirit-filled, Bible believing, LGBTQ affirming ministry that celebrates diversity and struggles with the hard questions of faith. We want to be a bright light and a safe space for those seeking a different but authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, and to be there for each other. Because we know that we all will go through hell at some point, but we should never have to journey alone. Hearing your story enriches our story and the life of the entire Body of Christ. Please know we welcome conversation with you. Without building relationships, the Church as a whole cannot move forward. Our schedule is never too busy to spend time with you.

Pastor Neill and Dean

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426 East Main St | Norman, OK 73071

PO Box 6197 | Norman, OK 73070

(405) 701-9567

An inclusive, LGBTQ+ affirming contemporary church. Proudly listed on

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