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I tend to over-think things. I know that. It's kind of an undeniable part of my DNA. And my passion is spirituality and theology. So if you're wanting to have a long discussion over coffee about how the faith you grew up with no longer seems to fit, or how focusing on your Om mantra during meditation is actually a prayer of uttering the name of God, I'm your guy. Meet you at LaBaguette Cafe, and we can be there for hours. I grew up in the Evangelical church world, went to a Charismatic Evangelical seminary, and the Bible is my bread and butter. But my journey with God has led me to use the Bible as a foundation, a launching pad, not a final destination. My purpose in ministry is to help people break down the boxes of the faith they grew up with, and look up, count the stars like Abraham, and see how much bigger God is than what we thought. Deconstruction and reconstruction: breaking down our faith, re-examining it, and building it back up block by block. This is an adventure of a lifetime, involving faith, identity, community, and finding our place in the Universe -- and I'd love to walk that journey with you.

Lots of grace and love,
Pastor Steve

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426 East Main St | Norman, OK 73071

PO Box 6197 | Norman, OK 73070

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