The Abbey Church is

A Safe Place to Grow Deeper.

We Believe

We are called to to be a safe place for all people on their spiritual journey with God. We are an inclusive, Jesus-centered, LGBTQIA+ affirming, contemporary worshipping community committed to not just believing, but living the Gospel of Jesus.

“In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity.”

The Abbey Church is a multi-denominational congregation composed of individuals across the broad spectrum of the Christian tradition. Our members profess different doctrinal beliefs and express their faith in a variety of ways.

We are united in our confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, its common love for God, humanity and creation, and its commitment to do good in the world.

We subscribe to the basic tenets and traditions of the historic Christian faith with the Bible as its foundational text as a guide for faith and practice. As such, we subscribe to the faith as outlined in the historic Apostles’ Creed.

As a community of faith, we believe our spiritual life must be walked out in natural life. Following Jesus’s teachings, we commit ourselves to loving God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. 

This means we engage our hands, our feet, and our wallets with our faith. It means we gather to worship as a body, but we also work hand-in-hand with the community to build a better world.

We Belong

Community is the context for personal growth. The Christian faith is not intended to be lived in isolation; we were made for relationship with God and for relationship with each other.

Ways To Give

Aside from your personal involvement,
we welcome your financial gifts of support to carry on the work of The Abbey.





Visit Us

The Abbey Church meets Sundays at 10:30 on our Facebook page only

In person meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm for more info please Call us for meeting locations 405-310-9598

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